Frozen Facelift is a subsidiary unit of South Florida, based Biotech Products Services & Research (BPSR) is a product development & research company specializes in a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that are performed by licensed Medical practitioners. The innovative medical procedure may help restore both the youthful contour and shape of the face as well as a marked improvement in skin quality, tightness and color irregularities caused by the aging process as well as exposure to the sun and environment without involving any surgery.


Frozen Facelift has a long successful history formulating skin treatment products with high quality cellular components and known brands. It needs a website to educate their visitors on the advance skincare system by offering an intuitive user experience that helps site users easily find answers to their questions and find a provider.

Pixpert Studio was contacted to develop an intuitive website that reflected Frozen Facelift years of training and experience, as well as its professionalism and high standard of skin care procedure. Understanding the reputation of company we developed an interactive website highlighting, patient testimonials, awards and qualifications, and Before and After images of relevant treatments to allow potential clients to start building a relationship with Frozen Facelift before they even picked up the phone.


After diving into the website strategy, we realized that the Frozen Facelift website was going to be an enriching project than most business websites. The sheer amount of information for each and every treatment is staggering to anyone unfamiliar with facial rejuvenation therapy.

  • Just like the vastness of their Brand, they need a website which talks about their Brand, Vision, Achievements, Case Studies & more. 
  • A website which is easy to navigate & appeal to the Medical Tourists from across the World about their brand offerings. 
  • To design a user interface that exemplified the skin care expertise and professionalism of the Frozen Facelift brand.
  • To design a user experience that facilitated the buyer’s journey, providing the information target customers needed, where and when they wanted it.


Frozen Facelift joined Pixpert design team to redefine how consumers engage with their brand. During the brain-storming sessions, the team focused on making sure that every customer interaction with Frozen Facelift—from landing to homepage to learn about the various procedures — was straightforward and reassuring.

  1. We delivered a content-rich user experience with advanced multimedia functionality that makes accessing the ideas and information within a pleasure.
  2. Created a Content Management System which allows the management to upload pictures & videos on the website just on a click, without taking any programmer’s help.
  3. Created one-dimensional visual design that overlay on an improved information architecture which provides visitors with an easy-to-follow navigation.
  4. Beyond just being instructive, and beyond being easy to navigate, there is another element of building trust that can’t be overstated. As the potential clients are understandably cautious, Trust is key, so we did our best to turn complex information architecture, and make it simple. To empower the website to drive traffic to the key pages that best facilitate the decision-making process with minimal clicks.
  5. Designed & developed a globally Accessible, Responsive & Dynamic Website.


Frozen Facelift was created from working one on one with the (MD) Dr. Mari, providing all required assistance to get through all necessary steps. Pixpert professional team managed branding, design, development, and marketing for the therapeutic brand.

The end result is a modern sleek website that is functional for the users, allowing them to easily access all the information they need to make an educated decision. We placed trust-builder content in strategic places to bolster patient confidence, and wrapped it all in a design that mirrors the high-value invention that Frozen Facelift brand stand for.

Pixpert experienced assistance allowed Frozen Facelift to grow very quickly in the first year. Avoiding most pitfalls is critical benefit when working with knowledgeable consultants, resulting in cost and time savings.

TECHNOLOGIES: (to be replaced with the functions utilized here)

The new site is built on WordPress CMS, which is a PHP platform. Additional technologies are used for targeted marketing, social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, Google analytics and Google maps, Modern payment integration with M-Peas. Technologies include JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and more. eCommerce by Woocommerce.

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